Nefinia is an international consultancy management company, with a team of experienced senior advisory consultants providing unbiased advice to its trusted clients and access to the world’s top investment  structures.

Our team of senior executive consultants is able to advise you on wealth protection and project management including the full spectrum of financial advice needed to secure your international investment structures added for our trusted clients the exclusive service of offering dual citizenship solutions securing privacy and freedom to move across the Globe.

Nefina offers a variety of services by using the knowledge and experience of its team of experts in both the public and private sector. The Nefinia team has years of experience in undertaking challenging and comprehensive projects in both the private and public sector. We also have the resources and commitment to provide services in innovative sectors, on a technological and conceptual level, using an entrepreneurial mind-set. We will continuously strive to provide your business with the best support. After all: your success is our success.

Nefinia will guide you throughout the process while we also strive economic viability with our practical and creative advice. Below our services in three categories.

  • Academy: In a close partnership with our strategic partners we offer client specific training and education related to the specific corporate challenges
  • Development: Creating long-term value for the customer through support in developing and implementing growth opportunities within and between organizations
  • Innovation: Various initiatives and ventures started over the last 20 years. The common denominator is to make this world a better place for you and your children


Nefinia’s  executives have many years' of experience in financial investments mostly cross-connecting investors from Europe, Africa and Asian countries.


Your trusted Partner in Project & Business Development

Through our network of International invesrment partners we support the investment in core sector as:

Commercial Real Estate & Operational Management

Industrial Real Estate buildings &  Maintenance services

Private Hospitals & related tourism development

Luxury Marina & Yacht Infrastructure

Rare Earth Metals & Minerals

Logistical Infrastructure for Harbour and Airports

Luxury Hotels & Resorts: Construction & Management

Renewable Energy Projects; Construction & Management

Shipbuilding & Brokerage services

Blockchain & AI Solutions

Global representation and set-up of independent corporate structures

Amusements Parcs: Construction & Management

Infrastructure - Rail/Road/Bridges: Construction

Shipping & Vessel Operation services

Development & Implementation of EU Projects


Nefinia’s experts assists you in realising your viable business ideas. Our experienced and international orientated staff provides assistance in developing your initial project idea into a professional business plan that will attract funding from local, bilateral and multilateral agencies. Nefinia structures your business plans in a constructive and creative manner, while maintaining focus on your business. We are result-driven and prepare business plans that comply with the high standards and requirements of the financial institutions. Nefinia makes use of a structural approach that assures you of the best preparation and management implementation of your project this before, during and after completion of your projects.


Converting an idea or feasibility study into a business plan can prove to be quite a challenge. However, we are there to assist you in setting up a business plan in a structured manner so that potential funders can take a well informed decision.

Based on our experience, it is common for issues of significant importance to arise during the planning phase. These issues have somehow been overlooked or not yet considered by our clients. Nefinia can also assist you in finding additional funding to reduce your project costs.


Nefinia prefers to undertake a feasibility study before following up on your business ideas. This study will provide you with an overall view of your business case and an assessment of its merits.

Your business plan can be examined on different scales. Nefinia would determine in consultation with you its scope so that it meets your requirements best. In most cases we are also able to find the funding that is needed to reduce the costs for these feasibility studies.


Nefinia provides guidance in setting-up and implementing the most fitting strategy for your company. This often involves a combination of the chain approach, internationalisation, innovation, investment and the increasing  “necessity” of providing business in a social responsible manner. We have gained many years of international experience in the sector and a strong network that benefits you.


Nefinia has a large network in the European and international development sector. This network consists of : entrepreneurs /companies, NGO’s , universities, banks and investors. We can help you find your potential partners in both the Netherlands and internationally.


You may require project management solutions. We are capable of providing you with exactly that. We are in favour of implementing project agreements that provide clarity for both involved parties. This would include the content, length, costs and desired project outcomes. We would like to guide your specific projects in the area of for example innovation, internationalisation, the set-up of consortia for specific purposes or arranging international partnerships.

Our team has a large amount of experience with international projects in emerging and developing economies. Our experts are frequently involved in the coordination or management (partially) of the project implementation after the (business) plan has been approved and the funding has been arranged.


Although many factors go toward making a successful company, our belief is that most critical are the quality and dedication of our own people. Our dynamic group of highly qualified consultants is covering all main disciplines in the areas of engineering management and investments, realization of offset benefits mainly in the sectors of high technology, defense and financing services.

Our people have managed so far quite successfully some of the recent biggest projects in the civil and defense environment thus disposing a very effective knowledge and experience. This is due to our unique capability to identify new areas of business in which NEFINIA can excel by selecting a range of technologies and marketing tools from all around the globe.


Our team is ready to answer your questions you may have.

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Schiedam, The Netherlands



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